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Eco Jivan is a millet-centric, food product brand that perfectly encapsulates the vision of two IITians keen on exploring the ways and means to seek out modern-day solutions to modern-day lifestyle problems. Established in the year 2019, Eco Jivan aims to help people make healthy lifestyle choices by making our millet-based food products accessible and affordable to all. These now so-called ‘Supergrains’ used to be the staple food of India from centuries. Unfortunately, we have forgotten their importance and addicted ourselves to the western junk food culture. We believe, slowly but eventually the entire world will begin to acknowledge the unparalleled health benefits of millets and Eco Jivan wants to be at the forefront in making it possible. 

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About Eco Jivan

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We believe true health comes from Farm not Pharmacy. We aim at creating maximum awareness about our traditional diet and its health benefits. We have adopted a holistic approach to bridge the gap between the farmers and the end consumers.


Our vision is to supply 100% natural, safe and healthy food products to meet the daily nutritional requirement of every individual. In the long term, we aim to strategically position ourselves among the most admired global manufacturers and distributors of millet food products in the world.


Integrity – To demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all our business interactions.
Innovation –To provide excellent customer service by developing new and improved methods of food processing.
Stewardship – To be accountable by ensuring efficient and environmentally responsible use of our resources.

Our Proudest Moment

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Our Eco Jivan team feels immensely proud and grateful to be recognized and awarded by the Karnataka Government’s Start-up Program Elevate 2020. Our start-up had won among a list of more than 1000 start-up participants all over Karnataka.

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Meet our Founders

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Dr B K Jayasimha

Dr. B K Jayasimha is a man with multiple feathers in his cap. He is a social entrepreneur, a solar expert, a biker enthusiast, the list just goes on and on. His works are a result of his passion towards nature and the society. His visionary guidance was influential in the founding of Eco Jivan.

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Ravichandra Banavat

Mr. Ravichandra Banavat, an IITian basically, is a rider by ardent, an avid traveller and has a fervent for healthy food. He is a Serial Entrepreneur running businesses in solar and bio-fuel manufacturing as well. His strong passion towards contributing to the environment and society was one of the major factors behind founding Eco Jivan.

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