Millet Burger

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Millet Burger Millet Burger


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For Burger Bun:

1. Wheat flour…1cup
2. Ragi flour…1/2cup
3. Bajra flour…1/2cup
4. Sugar…1tbspn
5. Salt a pinch
6. Dry Active yeast…1&1/2tspn
7. Milk…1/2cup
8. Butter…3tbspn
9. Sesame seeds

For Millet Tikki:

10. Boiled Raw banana…2
11. Grated carrots…1cup
12. Boiled Pearl millet…1cup
13. Onion…1
14. Turmeric powder…1tspn
15. Red chilli powder…1tbspn
16. Asafoetida…1tspn
17. Garam masala…1/2tspn
18. Aamchur powder…1tbspn
19. Masterd seeds…1tspn
20. Cumin seeds …1tspn
21. Curry leaves…5to6
22. Chana dal…2tbspn
23. Urad dal…1tbspn
24. Salt to taste
25. 2tbspn oil for frying.

For resembling the burger:

26. Cheese slice
27. Onion ring
28. Tomato ring
29. Cucumber ring
30. Mayonnaise
31. Cabbage leaves

Preparation Method

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1. Mix dry yeast with lukewarm milk & sugar. Cover it & keep rest for 10minutes. After 10minutes it will rise.
2. In a mixing bowl, take all flours & mix it well. Make a hole in middle & add yeast mixture. Knead it & make a very sticky dough. Add butter & knead it for 5 to 7 minutes.
3. Apply oil on top of the dough, cover it & keep it in hot place for an hour.
4. After an hour, dough will double in size. Take out from bowl & punch it to remove air bubbles. Knead it again for 2 to 3minutes.
5. Then equally cut it & make balls. Make round balls & keep it in greased baking tray. Apply butter on top, sprinkle sesame seeds & keep rest for 15 minutes.
6. Bake it in preheated oven for 15 minutes at 170°C.
7. Bun is ready now.
8. For Tikki, take boiled grated raw banana, grated carrots, cooked pearl millet, salt, turmeric, red chilli, asafoetida, Garam masala, aamchur powder, chopped coriander leaves & breadcrumbs.
9. Heat 1tbspn oil, add curry leaves, masterd seeds, cumin seeds, chana Dal & urad Dal. Let it crackle & then add it to the Tikki mixture. Mix it well.
10. Make Tikki from the mixture. Heat oil in a pan & shallow fry the tikkis in low to medium flame.
11. Once all tikkis are ready, take burger bun then. Cut it into halves. Put cabbage leaves & mayonnaise on it. Place one Tikki, then tomato, onion & cucumber ring. Finally add one cheese slice & cover the burger with other side of the bun.
12. Enjoy this restaurant style burger but in healthy style.

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Brishti Ghosh Millet Burger
Brishti Ghosh

Eco Jivan Recipe Contest Winner

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