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Sorghum n Sprouts Chat Sorghum n Sprouts Chat


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(1 cup) Sorghum flour,(1 table spn.) Gram flour, salt (as per taste),turmeric powder(1/2 t spn.), Roasted cumin powder (1/2 t spn.), chat masala(1 t spn.), oil (1 table spn.), sprouted moong (1 cup), sugar(as per taste), fresh paneer (50 grams), green chutney(as per taste), tamarind chutney (as per taste), yogurt (as per taste) ,sev, chopped coriander leaves

Preparation Method

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1) Take a mixing bowl and add sorghum flour and gram flour in it. Add salt, turmeric powder and water in it and mix it well to make a lump free batter in running consistency. Keep it aside.(make sure that the batter is like normal chilla batter)
2)Cook sprouted moong till it becomes soft and add salt and turmeric powder.
3)Whisk the yogurt well and add cumin powder, sugar and salt in it and mix it well. Cut Paneer in small cubes and sprincle chat masala on it .
4) Heat a gridle and pour our ready batter on it .Pour some oil on all the sides. Let it cool on medium flame. Then flip the chilla and let it get cooked from the other side also. Make all the chillas in the same way. Keep them aside.
5) Take 2 or more small glasses or cups and arrange the chilla so it forms cone.
6) Fill this cone with cooked moong, few paneer cubes, again a layer of moong and then layers of green and tamarind chutneys and yogurt (as per ur taste).Sprinkle sev, chopped coriander leaves and chat masala on it and serve it.

Cuisine By

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Rakhee Rathi

Eco Jivan Recipe Contest Winner

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